About Us

The History

— How it all began

From France, to Canada, to Lebanon.

Sport environment for youth create by athlete for athlete

Our Mission

Bring the athlete, the organisation, the project to the next level.

— What's Next

We want our vision to spread

Our Team

Co-CEO & Shareholder, Dorian is a field manager, close to the players in order to have the best advice for him to improve.

He leads the coaches by example, his previous experiences had made him a hard worker. No doubt he will use the same energy on this new adventure.

Co-CEO & Shareholder, O’Neal is a multi-tasks manager, experienced coach and educator, he knows what is best for the player according to his behavior.

Giving what the sport have gave him is one the most important goal, as sport has to be a powerful tool to educate the next generation.

CFO & Shareholder, Elie has an revelant background in administration and finance, which put him in a rightful position.

Proud father of a young AFF player, he wants the best for his son and what about making the best environment for him.

CTO & Shareholder, Guillaume has a deep knowledge and expereince in football and methodology.

His background of specialist educator and his passion for football training, give him the rights skills to guide young footballers and coaches.

Assistant manager, Com & Marketing coordinator, Ilyess has a young and fresh eye to implement new ideas and projects into the structure.

Passionate about football, sports and sport events , having Ilyes in the structure is defenetly a positive value. 


Assistant manager, Project & Development coordinator, Nathan has a high analytic capacity and a spirit of initiative, that make him an asset for the agency.

His passion for football training and education of the youth generation put him in the right place to develop project and ideas for the structure.

One of our Motto

Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard.

— Tim Notke

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