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Khaled, Chris and John, 17 years old soccer player from Lebanon .
They are respectively stricker, offensive midfielder and defensive midfielder playing in Beirut club and as well for Lebanon National team.

Through our partnership with SC Bastia a 2nd division pro club in the men soccer league 2 in France, we were able to arrange for them a one week tryout in February 2022, training 5 days a week. The club took care of the housing and we took care of the transportation locally. 

The objective of this tryout is to provide the players with the opportunity to explore soccer&culture in Europe and with a highest level of their age category and assess the level required and what it takes to reach this level.
They received good advices and tips from the professional staff at SC Bastia on how to progress and improve to reach the required level.

We would like to thank the player’s family and their coach for helping us to in making the experience concrete and an unforgettable one.



how was THE TRYOUT?

" I want to be a professionnal player..."
" I want to be a professionnal player..."
" I want to be a professionnal player..."

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